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Arria NLG and Phone.com announce plans for world's largest voice-first even

Arria NLG announced that its Chief Scientist, Professor Ehud Reiter, and COO, Jay DeWalt, will co-host, "How Businesses Are Leveraging the Power of Natural Language Generation and Conversational AI," at VOICE Summit 2019, to be held July 22-25, 2019 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ. The award-winning provider of natural language generation (NLG) is a VOICE Summit Silver Sponsor, and company executives will showcase its leading-edge technology at booth K-25 and K-26.

Phone.com announced that both CEO, Ari Rabban, and CTO, Alon Cohen, have accepted invitations to present at VOICE Summit 2019. Cohen will co-host an interactive session with SecondMind Labs Founder and CEO, Kul Singh, titled, "Telephony Voice AI: The Untold, Untapped Opportunity for ROI and Mass Adoption," providing a comprehensive examination of the many use-cases for leveraging artificial intelligence in business communications. ​ Having founded the company that made the first ever VoIP phone call, Alon Cohen's expertise with internet-based telephony is unrivaled.

Rabban will participate in the executive panel discussion, "How Voice Is Empowering the SMB Markets. Rabban's leadership has catapulted Phone.com to the upper echelon of cloud-based communications providers for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

VOICE Summit 2019 Conference Chairman, Pete Erickson, commented that, "Voice AI and telephony have a symbiotic relationship, and Phone.com has the track record and entrepreneurial spirit to address current trends, enablement and the future of artificial intelligence."

During their presentation, Arria executives, Reiter and DeWalt, will prove how advanced analytics using narratives in natural language can automate and enhance data consumption, as well as amplify the value of business intelligence with conversation. Session attendees will not only learn how businesses plan to implement conversational AI powered by NLG, but also how these integrations extend the reach of voice AI platforms, such as Alexa for Business, to customize and streamline workflows in myriad use-cases.

Arria NLG Studio for Business Intelligence (BI) couples advanced analytics and linguistics to deliver unprecedented depth of narrative insight generation, ease-of-use and data security. The company's newest integrations for BI narrate all underlying data within the dashboard, ensuring that critical facts and insight, which otherwise would be missed, are now shown.

For businesses, Arria NLG augments the value of leading BI platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy and Qlik to deliver true, accurate data literacy.

"Simply put, Arria NLG for BI lets users have a fluid conversation with their data," added Daniels. "Instead of dictating a single action to a voice assistant, Arria NLG extends the reach and value of voice AI platforms like Alexa for Business, enabling users to get the answers they need, when they need them, on any connected device."

Also, of note, is Arria's recently announced partnership with UiPath, the first robotic process automation provider (RPA) to integrate NLG into its platform. ​ Moving forward, Arria will be incorporated into the UiPath platform and listed in the UiPath Go ecosystem featuring easily downloadable, secure automations for the world's biggest RPA community.For businesses, Arria NLG augments the value of leading BI platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy and Qlik to deliver true, accurate data literacy.

VOICE Summit 2019 is being held July 22-25 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Click here to register today!

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