Spinnaker Summit 2019 to Be Sponsored By Netflix, Google Cloud Platform, Armory, OpsMX, Adobe, Kublr, Sumo Logic, xMatters and Sonatype

Domain experts from Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, AWS and JPMorgan Chase will share insights and proven best practices for continuous delivery and open source.R

Top Global technology leaders like Netflix, Google Cloud Platform, Armory, OpsMX, Adobe, Kublr, Sumo Logic, xMatters and Sonatype have signed on as sponsors for this 2019 Spinnaker Summit, taking place November 15 – 17, at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California.

Google domain experts, Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, AWS and JPMorgan Chase will share insights and proven best practices for continuous delivery and open source.

 Registration the Spinnaker Summit is now open.

Created by Netflix, Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Also used by Google, Armory, Adobe, Waze, and other digital leaders, Spinnaker combines a powerful and flexible pipeline management system with integrations to the major cloud providers; it has been battle-tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments.

For enterprises, the benefits of working with companies like OpsMx for Spinnaker deployments include: reduced risk with 24×7 support; expedited onboarding with services; and the ability to deploy in production with add-on enterprise features.

The highly anticipated Spinnaker Summit is an annual forum that convenes Spinnaker users, and software delivery engineering leaders from around the world under a single roof, each of whom is committed to advancing development and adoption of the fast growing continuous delivery platform.

Netflix Director of Delivery Engineering, Andy Glover, who will deliver the opening keynote presentation on November 15, commented that, “Continuous Delivery powers innovation at Netflix,” in a March 2019 blog. Joining Glover as featured speakers at Spinnaker Summit 2019 are industry experts including Pinterest Software Engineer, Rainie Li; Airbnb Software Engineer, Brian Wolfe; JPMorgan Chase Co. Associate Technology Analyst, Vaidyalingam Ramalingam; AWS Principal Technologist, Alolita Sharma; and Google Software Engineers, Eric Zimanyi and Maggie Neterval.



For companies like Waze that host production in multi-cloud environments, Spinnaker allows them to release new features and bug fixes to users as quickly as possible, while keeping deployments and rollbacks simple, easy and reliable, according to a public case study. Spinnaker abstracts many of the particulars of each cloud provider, allowing developers to focus on making Waze even better for users instead of concerning themselves with the low-level details of multiple cloud providers.

“Spinnaker Summit is a welcoming event where attendees can learn firsthand from leading enterprises about best practices for software delivery leveraging Spinnaker and accelerating go-to-market efforts,” added Erickson. “This year’s sponsors and speakers have achieved significant levels of performance and we are honored to provide a platform for them to showcase the latest on continuous delivery leveraging Spinnaker.”

Now in its third year, Spinnaker Summit focuses on the rapid adoption of the open source platform as a key enterprise choice for software delivery and management. The event will bring together developers, architects, delivery managers and technology leaders tasked with creating efficient software delivery and management. The program will include case studies, keynotes, hands-on breakouts and networking with likeminded colleagues from this fast-growing open source community.

The conference agenda features an impressive lineup of keynote presentations and breakout sessions organized across a variety of topics including product deep-dives, case studies and more. On November 15, Armory will host “Spinnaker 101” and “Spinnaker 102,” comprehensive educational sessions that will cover everything from Spinnaker basics to unlocking its full power. ​ Also of note are breakout sessions that will provide product insight and achieving success with Spinnaker, such as “Monitoring Spinnaker with Prometheus Operator on GKE,” with Miles Matthias, Google cloud consultant, on Saturday, November 16.

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