adds CRM and AI Capability with Sam.AI has announced that its platform now integrates of SAM.AI, a network-powered CRM platform that leverages AI.

The company says it “humanizes the CRM experience.”

Conversational AI augments quality management with fully integrated, voice-enabled access to call and interaction reports, customer information and service performance.

Anyone can try the service for free.

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Using APIs, SAM integrations blend real-time call data with live CRM records, providing detailed sales activity metrics and reporting. The company’s voice-activated conversational AI lets executives get detailed sales activity metrics and reporting by simply asking a question about their team’s call performance. 

SAM is built from the ground up utilizing several branches of NLP and NLU and is continuously learning in order to process, analyze, extract, and present your data in a format that mirrors the natural ebb and flow of real conversation. Designed to deliver data at any time in the easiest and quickest way possible, SAM offers the familiarity of cloud-based applications with the option to also conversate (talk/type) with data. 

Automation and AI help managers preserve their most precious commodity: time. 

Ari Rabban, chief executive officer,

“For support personnel, operators, customer service and human resource supervisors whose job it is to maintain the integrity of customer interactions, SAM provides the competitive advantage of insight to all of a company’s voice interactions and related activity,” said Ari Rabban, chief executive officer, 

“Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, SAM provides businesses with a unique opportunity to not just get their hands-on data, but a means to easily consume and utilize insights that help them grow,” said Raz Choudhury, chief executive officer and co-founder, SAM.AI. “SAM humanizes the CRM experience with its voice-enabled conversational AI and has evolved beyond traditional customer relationship management solutions into the world’s first network-powered relationship management platform.” 

Raz Choudhury, chief executive officer and co-founder, SAM.AI

“Successful sales-driven organizations are always looking for an edge to stay one step ahead of competitors, and SAM is a conduit for communicating business intelligence,” added Rabban. “For channel partners and managed services providers that must continuously innovate to distinguish themselves in a very crowded market, the combination of SAM and adds a compelling value proposition to their services portfolio that will attract the small to medium-sized businesses they covet as customers.”

For small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives who need scalable, reliable communications technology to support a multi-generational workforce comprised of mobile, remote and in-house employees,’s award-winning cloud-based business phone system keeps your team connected without being tied to a single desk or location. 

“Integrating SAM into the platform exemplifies our commitment to empowering small businesses with tools that enable agility, simplifying access to operational intelligence that is based on credible, current information, a critical element in delivering positive customer experiences,” said Rabban. 

This is exciting news for both companies and is an extension of the API strategy is using to differentiate itself. We covered this in April.

In addition, we see this integration of these services as the definition of the future of work – in this case, merging the best of AI and human intelligence into a seamless solution which increases the value and productivity of workers.

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