Nick Denney: Growing Craft Cannabis at Scale

Q&A: Interview with Holistic Industries

In the most recent issue of Ganjapreneur, Nick Denney, Regional Cultivation Manager for Holistic Industries, a multi-state and vertically integrated cannabis company, explains how data analytics and IoT helps normalize operations, minimize waste, and maximize yield.

Cultivation consistency can be an issue for any cannabis operator but for multi-state and vertically integrated companies like Holistic Industries, it requires extra levels of effort and expertise.

Denney, who oversees the company’s cultivation efforts across multiple state markets, covers the benefits of a formal agriculture education for cannabis growers, how Holistic utilizes technology to enable craft cultivation at an industrial scale, strategies for crop steering and selecting new phenotypes, and more!

Q: ​ What software and technology have assisted your team in crop steering large-scale cannabis grows? ​

"The implementation of AROYA in all of our facilities has been a critical component to efficiently scaling production across states. I can use my computer or phone to view what is happening in every zone in every state. It has also helped us gather and store information that we did not previously have,.
"We use the data from AROYA to make more informed climate and irrigation decisions on a day-to-day basis, leading to a healthier crop and a greater phenotypic expression. ​ We use AROYA to closely monitor cultivar-specific habits and performance is key to achieving consistent high quantity and quality harvests. We use the information from AROYA to build crop registration forms, which are essentially recipe books for each cultivar that we grow. The growers creating those forms and learning each cultivar’s habits are the most important piece of the puzzle."

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