Liberate your business from legacy phone system limitations with cloud-based Unified Communications & Collaboration

To conduct business in the 21st century, user experience on the road must mirror that of being onsite.

By: Dan Yamin

Businesses today either evolve or get left behind. We see organizations of all sizes that were once successful, now losing customers because they have not adapted to changes in how people communicate. Hamstrung by legacy, or outdated, phone systems, these companies are stuck trying to compete in a digital world with analog tools.

To illustrate this point, consider how many people work from home or offsite. The phone system that was cutting-edge in 2008 is now obsolete; it does not meet the needs of an increasingly remote workforce which not only must have the means to collaborate with their onsite colleagues in real-time from any location, but also from the device of their choosing.

To conduct business in the 21st century, user experience on the road must mirror that of being onsite.

As the business landscape continues to evolve and organizations continue to do business remotely, phone systems are embarking from traditional limitations by unifying communications services that employees need every day into a single offering. Some requisite features include voice calling, video conferencing and collaboration, instant messaging, and presence that work on any device and on mobile devices or by desktop, and which also integrate with third-party CRM and other platforms.

Today’s “unified communications” systems consolidate these critical functions into a single business phone system hosted in the cloud, empowering organizations to improve productivity, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. Referred to as Unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS), takes these benefits to an ever level by removing prohibiting capital expenses (CAPEX) with a much more affordable subscription-based model where you only pay for operating expenses based on consumption.

Simply put, you no longer have to pay upfront for a legacy PBX. Instead, you pay a simple, recurring monthly service fee that only goes up when you increase number of users or functionality.

Among cloud communications’ most compelling benefits is accessibility to a single application for all communications at a lower price-point. Outdated PBXs and other antiquated systems cannot meet employees’ need for anytime, anywhere and from any device communications, which hinders productivity and leads to frustration among personnel who feel they’re not supported with the right tools to do their jobs.

Conversely, when you combine all the communications aspects that your employees rely on every day into a singular platform and service, personnel can access everything they need from one application.

Important to note, is that in addition to its inherently low cost-of-entry, Magna5 UCaaSdeployments remove significant expenses associated with upgrades because updates to the platform are automatic and managed for your convenience. This, of course, is a complete departure from legacy PBX vendors that count on complex maintenance contracts for a large part of their review, and which can obfuscate your understanding of what level of support is included in your agreement, and what costs extra.

Magna5 offers a sophisticated, flexible unified communications platform that considers the needs of the SMB market and enterprises alike, and everywhere in between. While many traditional phone systems are limited in the capabilities they offer, we ensure that your organization is equipped to collaborate and communicate to enhance your business growth and success. Getting maximum value out of your IT investments is paramount, and with a cloud phone system that includes all the applications you need from instant messaging, video conferencing and collaboration to calling, voicemail, and contact centers, we can ensure that you are experiencing cost-efficiency while never limiting capabilities.

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