AROYA Unveils Automated Irrigation Control for Third-Party Control Systems

Empowering operators to save valuable human-hours by automating irrigation scheduling and control, assuring that plants are watered at the right times, in the right amounts, in perpetuity. This not only speeds time-to-market, but also significantly increases operating margins.

AROYA, a METER Group Company, today unveiled Automated Irrigation Control as the latest crop steering enhancement to its industry’s leading AROYA Cannabis Production Platform.

Crop steering technology allows operators of all sizes to bring out the best features of each cultivar.

“Many craft farmers remain committed to their tried-and-true manual methods, like physically pouring run-off into milliliter cups, taking notes, and running tests by hand,” said AROYA CEO, Scott Campbell. “And to their credit, these purists are having success.”
“However, for the independent purists, failing to embrace cultivation and production technology will be their demise. In addition to competition from larger operators, many smaller outfits have gone all-in with crop steering, advanced drying and analytics.”

Backed by thirty years of development experience in sensor science and traditional horticulture, AROYA empowers operators with advanced real-time data and crop steering solutions that add precision to cannabis production with proven irrigation technologies, allowing growers to produce better quality products and consistently higher yields. 

Using AROYA Irrigation Scheduling lets growers attach specific irrigation schedules to harvest groups and recipes, automatically managing irrigation based on the established parameters.

AROYA’s new controller integration update empowers operators to save valuable human-hours by automating irrigation scheduling and control, assuring that plants are watered at the right times, in the right amounts, in perpetuity. This not only speeds time-to-market, but also significantly increases operating margins.

“Scalability through repeatable processes that ensure consistent outputs is the quintessential advantage for successful cannabis cultivation,” said AROYA CEO, Scott Campbell. “With AROYA’s new offering, growers can replicate irrigation schedules and attach them to harvest groups/recipes without having to start from zero with each new grow cycle.
“For growers, manually managing the watering of plants is a laborious, tedious, and imprecise practice that results in unusable products, waste, and unnecessary expenses. AROYA’s new irrigation system provides data-driven insights and analytics to increase operating margins and profitability.
“Simply put, we empower growers of all sizes with intelligent automation to not only survive, but also thrive in increasingly competitive markets,” added Campbell.


Using AROYA, operators can now simultaneously schedule automatic irrigations across multiple rooms – or even multi-task more complex irrigations using multiple zones within each room – using a single platform. They can set parameters to suit each cultivar’s irrigation needs, configuring preventive alerts to identify errors before they lead to crop loss.

Developed for and tested by growers in commercial cultivations, the new Controllers feature will eventually allow users to integrate more third-party controllers.

Controllers like OpenSprinkler and THC Controls save growers from having to spend capital investment on large irrigation systems. Integrating with AROYA’s Cannabis Production Platform provides a single interface for operators to simultaneously monitor cultivars across multiple sites from any location. AROYA augments controller systems with proactive alerts that identify potential issues, environmental anomalies, or changes to room conditions.

Also of note is that AROYA provides real-time readings of irrigation details via data visualizations that eliminate the need to use tools like Excel, which can be notoriously unfriendly to users.

“This new irrigation scheduling functionality reinforces AROYA’s unrivaled position as the cannabis industry’s most intuitive platform, providing growers with the control, flexibility, visibility, and data-driven insights to manage every stage of cultivation,” said Campbell.

Automated Irrigation Control for Cannabis Operators
Automated Irrigation Control for Cannabis Operators

AROYA is the preferred cannabis production platform of top cannabis operators across the country, combining innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help improve their yield in grams, per square foot, per year – predictably, profitably, and at scale. AROYA’s solutions foster data-driven decision making, improving yields and operational efficiency while elevating (and standardizing) product quality.

AROYA is a cannabis production platform that combines industry-leading hardware and software to help cultivators increase yield, scale operations, and achieve consistent quality. Based in Pullman, Washington, and a division of METER Group, Inc., AROYA optimizes and demystifies the entire cannabis production process from seed to package.

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